Candy Crush Level 102 Help, Tips & Hints

Beat Candy Crush Level 102 – Get Help, Tips & Hints – Try to clear the board of the colors of the candy that you don’t need - use them to make special candy whenever you get a chance. The more of the ‘wrong color’ you crush, the more of the right color will come, and then you’ll have the opportunity to make specials and other big combos with the colors you actually do need!

How to Beat Candy Crush Level 102

Here is the video that will help you with some tips and strategies for Candy Crush level 102, a super popular game that can be played on Facebook, iOS, and even Android phones and tablets. Meet the required points and other level objectives to clear the stage and move on to the next board. If you’re stuck on Candy Crush level 102, watch the video that is displayed below and study the strategy that is used to make it easier.  Good Luck!

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